HVAC commissioning refers to process of verifying the HVAC systems “work as the owner intended”. The initial commissioning takes place in the design, construction, and building of a facility. Often, after several years of use, owners and facilities managers need re-commissioning of their systems, this is where we can help.



Re-commissioning equipment again, is the process of making sure the HVAC equipment is working in the way that the owner intends, and the building is designed.  Through a process of consulting the original design, exhaustive checks, and recommended repairs, we can re-commission the systems.


Retro-commissioning is applied to existing buildings and how to improve the efficiency of the HVAC systems.  Typically, as a facility ages, the needs and equipment change.  The four-step retro-commissioning process includes an analysis of the energy usage, benchmarking, prioritizing potential capital improvements, and latent design deficiencies.  Through the retro-commissioning process, we can help bring your facility back to peak operating capacity.

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McDowall Company can help determine what may be needed for your facility for best HVAC performance.

Building HVAC air balance can be one of the most important factors which can have substantial effects on the overall performance of your HVAC systems within your building. In general, your HVAC system requires a balance for optimal efficiency and air exchange. 

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Common problems caused by an unbalanced HVAC system:

  • Negative building pressure
  • Draft at the front door
  • Leakage from units
  • Angry customers
  • Condensation dripping from diffusers
  • Hot/Cold spots
  • High velocity at pass-through