Preventive Maintenance for comfortable environments

McDowall Company looks at preventative maintenance in a unique way.  Partnering with our customer to look at annual spends, past equipment repair or replacement expenses, and energy costs. With this information, we can design a comprehensive customized, and budget friendly maintenance plan.

Preventative maintenance saves money! The benefits of a customized maintenance plan include:

  • Prevent costly repairs
  • Maximize efficiency
  • Increase equipment lifespan
  • Keeps employees happy and comfortable

Preventative maintenance is much more than changing the filters! With regularly scheduled visits, we thoroughly test and inspect the equipment. Performing checks for excessive vibrations, leaks, electrical issues, and manufacturers checklists, we can help extend the life and efficiency of the equipment.

Regular Maintenance Inspections Prevent HVAC Problems

Bad heat exchanger. Inspection should be performed on a fall startup.


Belts should be inspected quarterly and changed on a yearly basis.


Plugged heat exchangers can cause gas and fumes to enter your space.


Plugged filtration can cause excess equipment wear and drive up energy costs.


Coils should be cleaned yearly or more based on the environment.


Regular inspections of heat exchangers may prevent equipment outages.


Reduced air flow will drive high energy costs and premature replacement.