Indoor Air Quality
June 2, 2022

Saint John’s University – Humphrey Theater Building

Key Factors:
  • Education facility
  • Choir and band rooms
  • Approximately 4000 sq feet
  • Project completed 2021

The University of Saint John’s approached us with a problem, odors in the choir and band rooms that could not be pinpointed. Our objective was to provide a solution that would treat the air in the effected space within budget parameters and provide options to ensure a healthy space. 


We wanted to begin by measuring the particulates in the air to determine concentration and attempt to find the source. Once it was determined that the source could not be eliminated, we proposed solutions to clean the air.


After completing the evaluation and gathering VOC levels, our suggested solution was to install Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization devices.  

The NPBI products use cold plasma technology to reduce pathogens and particles, mitigates VOC’s, odors, and generate energy savings by reducing outdoor intake and require no maintenance.

The determination of airflow called for duct mounted equipment, four of which were installed in each space. The devices were allowed to run for a period of several days and the air was again evaluated for particulate and VOC’s.  


Post readings of the air have continued to show a drop in the particulate and VOC content in the space. The occupants report the odors experienced to be gone. To further aid the customer in continued monitoring of the Indoor Air Quality of the spaces in the building, we have introduced continuous, real-time devices from Ventacity Systems to measure humidity, VOC, particulate, Co2, and temperature.  

With the addition of the NPBI devices as well as the Ventacity air monitoring, the staff at Saint John’s University can ensure the air is safe and clean.


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