Commercial HVAC
April 6, 2022

LP Building Products – Watkins, MN

Key Features
  • Manufacturing facility
  • Warm environment
  • Dusty conditions

LP Building Products in Watkins MN, is a production facility that specializes in manufacturing Oriented Strand Board or OSB sheathing. The environment is hot and dusty, but the ideal temperature for the production process is 90 degrees, so, keeping the work staff cool and efficient can be difficult.


LP Watkins had initially installed a make up air unit in one portion of the manufacturing facility in an effort to control heat and humidity and provide heat in colder weather. While the MAU did help these issues, the workforce had requested a cooling solution. As the employees are manning stations and don’t often move, it was noted that the current airflow was not reaching the intended areas.  

Cooling the entire production area was not cost effective, nor conducive to the manufacturing process. LP Watkins initially requested options that may include additional equipment, our goal was to find a better solution.


After careful evaluation and measuring airflow, McDowall Company determined that there was not really a need for an additional piece of equipment, but a reconfiguration of the existing set up.  

Our recommendation was to move the current Make Up Air to a different portion of the building, add DX cooling to the current unit, and provide a better duct option to reach the areas workers occupied.


The existing unit was moved, and ductwork using nozzle diffusors to serve the workstations was installed. Using the nozzle type diffusers allow the air flow to be specifically targeted. Employees have commented that the areas are now comfortable, and they are able to remain productive during hot periods.

By carefully assessing the needs of the facility, and not just assuming more equipment is needed, McDowall was able to provide cost savings to LP Watkins. By utilizing the existing equipment, and improving the current configuration, there was a shorter downtime during installation. Future benefits will also include lower maintenance costs and less energy usage by not installing additional units.

At McDowall Company, our objective is to partner with our customers to explore unique solutions that will allow your facility to operate as it should!

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