Commercial HVAC
April 6, 2022

Good Samaritan Society

Key Factors:
  • Comfort issues
  • Air quality/ Air Flow
  • Budget

Good Samaritan Society operates throughout the United States as a non-profit senior living provider. Like many other non-profit organizations, budget is always a concern. The facility in Howard Lake, MN approached McDowall with a challenge to provide additional cooling, proper exhaust, and proper air pressure for their greater kitchen area. With aged equipment, the biggest challenge was to fit new equipment in the space of the existing footprint and add modern features within their budget. 


The kitchen and dishwashing areas have been reconfigured over the years and building codes updated, so it was time for new ideas.  he equipment to be replaced was a make up air, exhaust hoods, utility fans, and add additional cooling.


McDowall Company’s commitment to communication aided in finding the best solutions to fit the need. The staff stated that kitchen conditions were hot in the summer, cold in the winter, and air flow balancing issues were also present. We set out to solve all issues not by just replacing but improving conditions as well.


Our proposal included replacing the existing make up air with an improved CaptiveAire make up air unit including cooling. New exhaust hoods to encompass upgraded appliances, and utility fans to replace smaller units creating better air flow. We also proposed supplemental cooling for food storage areas and improved duct work to move air to unserved areas. 

Other considerations for this project were downtime of kitchen service to the residents and the control of dust and particulate throughout the facility. With cooperative planning, we were able to work with the customer to accomplish all the work on the roof during the first week of the project. The new installation included duct work improvements and to avoid costly construction and downtime, some duct work for the exhaust was run outside of the building and insulated for protection from the elements. Once inside, we were able to cordon off the kitchen, move appliances for access, and control the air flow balance. This allowed for less down time and finish work in the kitchen area.  


This project was delayed by several months due to supply chain issues. During this time, we were able to continue communication with the customer and plan the most efficient construction plan. The equipment is providing the promised results and aiding in the balance of air in the building. Only by partnering with the customer and working closely, were we able to provide the right solution.

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