Commercial HVAC
April 6, 2022

Becker Furniture World

Key Factors:
  • Retail
  • Packaged Units
  • Multi-Location

Becker Furniture World operates seven retail outlets with approximately one hundred fifteen packaged rooftop units to heat and cool the retail and shipping space. Customer comfort and humidity control are the main factors in keeping their facilities comfortable. 


When partnering with Becker Furniture World, we wanted to provide an honest assessment of the equipment at all locations. The HVAC preventative maintenance plan prior to our partnership was limited preventative maintenance for revenue savings, some run to failure locations, and reactive maintenance.  

While sometimes painful, we were able to demonstrate issues of clogged coils, inoperable heat exchangers, poor filtration, and miscellaneous electrical issues.  


Working with Becker Furniture World, we were able to establish a quarterly maintenance plan to inspect, clean, repair, and change filtration on a regular basis.  

Our partnership has allowed them to budget for upcoming replacement of equipment and plan for the next cooling or heating season. 



In the time McDowall Company has been providing HVAC services, we have decreased the number of trouble calls, realized some energy savings, and proactively planned repairs or replacement based on need and budget.

Many businesses do not realize the cost of reactive vs. proactive HVAC maintenance. Eliminating preventative maintenance may seem like a prudent financial choice but will eventually increase spend.

The US Department of Energy has established a cost to operate HVAC equipment by Maintenance Program.

When visiting with prospective customers, McDowall offers a financial approach to maintenance. Comparing maintenance styles shows evidence of a significant savings when utilizing preventative measures.  Furthermore, operating efficiency and lifespan of equipment have a direct correlation to the type of implemented maintenance program. Utilizing a reactive plan may cause an RTU to reach the end of life in as little as 9 years and cost significantly more in energy efficiency. Conversely, implementing a time or condition-based plan, equipment can last well past the manufacturers estimated lifespan and provide energy savings.

Talk to McDowall Company about a preventative maintenance program and ensure your HVAC equipment operates at peak performance!


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